VOLNEWMER Most Powerful & Innovative with Safety

VOLNEWMER is the latest non-invasive radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening and lifting.

It combines high-frequency energy and innovative technology, giving you an overall skin treatment experience.

VOLNEWMER Advanced Technology

6.78MHz Monopolar

Higher but safer radiofrequency

No Time-Lock

Cost-effective consumables supplied through the no-time lock system

Curved Surface

Stable and safer RF radiation energy provided by the curved surface and rounded edge tip

Complete Stage
of Development

Reduces side effects and pain caused by
overheating issues by moving the edge of the tip inward.

Flexible &
Easily Movable
Handpick Head

The flexible hand-piece head automatically
adjusts for perfect skin contact.

Continuous Epidermal
Cooling System

The 4-step vibration and cooling system
alleviate pain with greater safety, allowing
patients to experience a quick and
comfortable treatment.


VOLNEWMER’s different types of tips are designed to
allow treatment in various areas of the face and body.

  • V Tip 4.0cm2
  • I Tip 0.25cm2
  • S Tip 16.0cm2
  • F Tip 3.0cm2


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