IMCAS World Congress 2024


IMCAS’s 25th anniversary congress has welcomed CLASSYS and hundreds of other companies from around the world to showcase their current advances in the field of medical aesthetics to its growing audience of international visitors including prospective clients and doctors. 

At the European market exhibition, among the products presented by CLASSYS, FORSHAPE, INTRASURE, AQUAPURE 1, and ULTRAFORMER MPT provided a golden opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge technologies and devices, recognized for their innovative accomplishments.

Our Industrial Workshop, themed ‘Ultimate solution for lifting and tightening for all age groups with ULTRAFORMER MPT,’ featured diverse protocols shared by doctors, resulting in a successful and insightful session

The enthusiastic engagement and positive reception reaffirm the success of our participation at IMCAS PARIS. We are grateful for the platform and look forward to continuing advancements in medical aesthetics.