2024 CLASSYS Insight Symposium in Singapore


The 2024 CLASSYS Insight Symposium in Singapore concluded successfully with great enthusiasm. Featuring the launch of Ultraformer MPT and the new product Volnewmer, the event showcased the remarkable synergy achieved when both products are used together, termed as Volformer.

Dr. Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha shared the differences of Ultraformer MPT from other HIFU devices in the market, while renowned Dr. Boncheol Leo Goo elucidated on Volnewmer’s capabilities and its synergistic combination of SMAS and Derma Lift.

Insightful case studies by prominent local practitioners like Dr. Ram Nath, Dr. Chew Khek Kah, and Dr. Tan Ying Zhou further emphasized the efficacy of the combined treatment approach. The event wrapped up with a vibrant Q&A session, survey collection via QR code, token appreciation, award presentation, and a thrilling lucky draw, making it a truly successful affair.